Get in touch with us

Get in touch via our website or call us at 561-789-4890. One of our friendly team members will contact you to find out more information about your clinical trial.

ivr-understandUnderstanding your needs

Your dedicated IVRCC staff member will explain the features and benefits of our suite of custom products which will enable you to make the best decision for your trial. IVRCC creates a budget based on your trial information and requirements. Learn more about our technology solutions for clinical trials.

ivr-3Getting started

After the budget has been approved, a kick-off meeting is scheduled to discuss the user requirements needed for your specific application. When your application is built, our quality assurance team will test the application and make any adjustments if necessary.

ivr-releaseApplication release

Once we finalize the application, you will have a chance to review it and make any further adjustments. Once approved, the application will be pushed to production for the client and/or test subjects.

Continued monitoring

After the application is released, we continue monitoring the system to ensure the highest level of security, performance and quality. We remain involved with the client throughout the entire trial period and are able to make any necessary changes quickly.