Case Studies

Case Studies2020-06-03T14:57:44-04:00

Case Study: IVRCC Technology Solutions Support SPCD Randomization Design

IVRCC’s electronic system to execute a placebo response reduction strategy was used in one recent phase II study evaluating subjects with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Sequential Parallel Comparison Design (SPCD) is just one example of a recent randomization design innovation for which IVRCC’s custom programmed systems were utilized to achieve a faster, smaller, lower cost trial with statistically better data.

Case Study: No Wi-Fi? How a Native App Provides Randomization Solutions

IVRCC's custom-built native app was an ideal choice for the Operating Room that had no access to Wi-Fi, by being able to accommodate a large number of Inclusion/Exclusion criteria, the possibility of tablet or internet failure, and proper randomization treatment assignment exactly per protocol.

Case Study: OIC Daily ePRO Diary Cost Savings

The client compared the costs of our BYOD system with two other bids which collected data from subjects using proprietary handheld devices. With our IVR system, patients use their own phone or smartphone for daily diary collection, which saved the client several hundred thousand dollars.

Case Study: Two Protocols, One Portal = Efficiency and Cost Savings

IVRCC collaborated with the client on a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, parallel group, vehicle-controlled study. The client realized a significant cost savings by combining two protocols, IRT application build, validation, hosting and maintenance costs into one application.

Case Study: Enhancing Daily Diary Compliance using IVRCC Incentive Tracking

From project managers to administrators and programmers, the IVRCC team worked closely with the client to design and create custom applications that tracked and displayed the results of diary compliance to the participants. All calculations were in real-time so that the system reporting was current and accessible at all times.