Clinical Trial Material Management Solutions

Customers are increasing their globalization of clinical trials which can result in complex and labor intensive supply management.

As a result, we’ve developed an Automated Supply Management tool that enables the sponsor to manage supply with less work and better inventory control.

Our systems generate automated inventory reports, and subsequent shipments can be facilitated based on the estimated or actual need for additional supplies at the sites or distribution centers. For our customers, that means less waste, less work and more control.

Our solutions provide real-time information on clinical supply management to designated study personnel as needed, including sponsors, CTM managers, and sites.


CTM Tracking & Inventory Functions:

  • Automated inventory control & re-supply
  • Drug and device tracking
  • Automated ordering, shipment and verification process
  • Integration with distributor shipping systems
  • Dispensing and titration management
  • Remote site inventory monitoring
  • Unblinding capabilities and emergency code break
  • Real-time supply location/status reporting
  • Critical restock inventory points automation and alerts

Reduced Waste & Inventory Management

Our systems can greatly reduce the waste of clinical trial material caused by overstocking of sites. When a site confirms receipt of kit numbers to the IVRCC system, it provides real-time visibility of what has been received and shipped, providing accurate inventory of all material or devices remaining at each site.

IVRCC can develop custom user-friendly phone and web-based systems that provide a full list of material shipped to the site, against which accountability data can be entered directly. If returned or leftover medication is destroyed locally, destruction of the medication can be confirmed in the system. Alternatively, if medication is sent to a specialist contractor for verification and storage prior to destruction, this can also be captured by the system.

At IVRCC, we are developing innovative solutions to meet and anticipate our customers’ needs. Contact us today to learn more about IVRCC or to schedule a demonstration.

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