4 Ways IVRCC’s Technologies Optimize the User Experience for Site and Study Stakeholders

1. Track minute-to-minute status of your study so you can make real-time decisions

Real-time Online Guidance and Trial Management for site users mitigates operator uncertainty and data entry while managing the trial with easy-to-use digital tools.

  • Context-driven pop-ups, drop-down options, color coding, reminders, personalized notifications and confirmations of activities linked to trial functions in real-time, with guidance available online and by SMS, email, fax and voice. Branching presents only valid entry options. 

Reporting and Notifications that keep your trial on track

  • Wide variety of reports that can be viewed, exported, and emailed automatically to permissioned clinical personnel. 
  • Subject status tracked throughout the study from screening to termination/completion.
  • Notifications for clinical activities that have been completed, or warning alerts to prevent or follow up on potential absence of expected actions.

Clinical Trial Study Management Portal

2. Trial Management anywhere and anytime with decentralized and virtual clinical trial functionalities

  • Web URL-based access, Wi-Fi or cellular, with access wherever digital access is active, formatted for all digital devices and shared over devices through the cloud. 
  • Remote Monitoring, User Admin modules, and site portals for management from any device. 
  • eSource reduces duplication of efforts and resulting data uncertainty, and eliminates potential transcription errors. When eSource is implemented, source data verification — the validation of source data vs. case report form data—could eliminate as much one-third of clinical trial costs.
  • Our systems will electronically manage Drug/IP dispensation and inventory tracking among country/regional/local depots, sites, pharmacies, healthcare providers and direct-to-patient (DTP) solutions.
  • DCT or Hybrid solutions result in mitigation of unnecessary face-to-face in-clinic interactions where possible, reducing time/cost burdens on all participants.

Clinical Trial Management solutions

3. Training and Admin Mode modules for clinical users help facilitate study success

IVRCC offers different training media providing a variety of ways that personnel can learn.

  • Digital instruction manuals with screenshots, video walkthroughs, and online access to digital documents (e.g. contact information, protocol, Helpdesk, and data correction forms).
  • Online training automatically provides access for site use upon successful completion, while clearly maintaining TRAINING activities as separate from PRODUCTION activities. There is clear screen branding and labeling for study identification for TEST, UAT, TRAINING, PRODUCTION and any other versions.

4. Improving the site and study stakeholder experience: we implement improvements based on data, preferences, and feedback

IVRCC solicits feedback from sponsors, CROs, site users, and all other study participants to better understand their preferences and further customize and improve the user experience.

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