IVRCC Announces New Interactive Application Hosting Platform

IVR Clinical Concepts (IVRCC.com) is pleased to announce its new interactive platform. Throughout 2016, preparations were made for the deployment of a completely new application hosting platform. The platform was deployed throughout 2017, validated and accepted migrations from the retiring platform. The new platform features complete modernization, geographic redundancy with real-time mirroring of data and applications across multiple physical sites, a new disaster recovery model with near-real-time mirroring of data and applications for fast response to widespread Internet outages, and a new approach to validation documentation.

Modernization brings new levels of performance, security, and stability to the platform. Multiple physical sites insulate the platform from localized facility outages with virtually no observed loss of availability. The site mirroring alone makes the possibility of a lapse in service remote and the new disaster recovery model acts as an extremely flexible back-stop which can be easily deployed to a virtually unlimited number of disaster recovery sites. Finally, the new validation approach provides complete traceability from regulatory requirements to in-depth risk assessments; platform components and operating procedures establish rock-solid compliance and client confidence in the platform’s readiness to prove electronic record and electronic signature data integrity to inspectors.

About IVR Clinical Concepts Inc. (IVRCC)  

IVR Clinical Concepts is a specialty company devoted to developing and implementing cost effective, secure Interactive Voice and Interactive Web Response applications (IVR/IWR) that interface seamlessly with other technologies and provide data collection and reporting tools that enhance comprehensive management of clinical studies.

Users, sites and subjects, can enter data using IVR or IWR in the same application, per their needs or preferences. All data entered is then stored within secure IVRCC databases for virtually immediate real-time data reporting and results for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device trials.

Data collected by our systems can also integrate directly with other eClinical applications for seamless transfer of once-only entered data between two or more electronic systems. IWR applications can be designed to work on Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android devices according to the needs of the study. Applications by voice or web are available in most regional languages, as needed.

Clients who choose IVR Clinical Concepts for their IVR/IWR solutions are rewarded with flexible data input in globally available applications that put key decision-making information at their fingertips.