IVRCC Receives Project Award for IRT/RTSM Services

IVRCC has been awarded the role to deliver IRT/RTSM (Interactive Response Technology / Randomization Trial Supply Management) services to support important nicotine dependence research.

Saratoga Springs, NY – December 2018 – IVRCC continues a longstanding relationship with a major CRO partner to provide registration/randomization and trial supply dispensation/return inventory management for an open label tobacco-related assessment study. A global leader in innovative novel nicotine delivery technology sponsors the project.

IVRCC’s collaboratively designed web-based applications implement registration, screen fail and/or randomization to several treatment arms with an optional pharmacokinetic (PK) sub-study. IVRCC applications supply subject/visit, product dispensation/return and inventory management for over 200 hundred subjects, during this US multi-site, six-month study.

“IVRCC’s quickly deployable applications utilize flexible coding for complex dynamic randomization implementation, with tracking and control of the number of subjects randomized to each study group, as required by the protocol. Study management is enhanced with programmed activity requirements for each visit, making for an intuitive and easy site-user experience. Network connected workstations and tablets can be used to complete site -user data entry in real-time,” said Nancy Hudak, Business Development Manager.  She added that “up-to-date trial status parameters are available to key stakeholders and reportable at any time, resulting in expanded opportunity to make informed critical study decisions as soon as possible.”