E-Clinical Integration - IVR Clinical ConceptsIVRCC’s Integration Technologies Seamlessly Fit All the Pieces of the Data Puzzle Together

With Voice-phone and Web-based applications from IVR Clinical Concepts, data from sites and subjects is obtained easily and quickly, using customizable, flexible interfaces (such as EDC) suited to your specific needs.

Enhanced Data Collection and Comprehensive Management

  • Once data is collected via IVRCC Interactive Response Systems, it is transmitted automatically and identically to the final EDC database.
  • Data collected from either voice or web systems will accurately populate both IVR/IWR and EDC systems, thus eliminating the need for users to enter the same information into two different systems.  Changes or updates are automatically shared between the systems.
  • IVRCC voice-phone and web-based systems interface automatically and immediately with partner EDC solutions
  • Multiple data collection modes encourages greater subject reporting compliance.
  • IWR applications can be designed to work on Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android devices according to the needs of the study.
  • Integrity of the data is maintained when compared to unsecured information collected on paper.
  • Data collection, correction, automatic transmission, and ultimately database lock are enhanced by the close interaction of IVRS/IWRS and EDC electronic data capture methods.

Our IWR applications can be designed to work on Microsoft Windows,
Apple and Android devices according to the needs of the study.

IVR Clinical Concepts Inc. is dedicated to providing Interactive Voice Response systems that interface seamlessly with other technologies, to help provide enhanced data collection and comprehensive management of each clinical study. As the internet has evolved to be an increasingly accessible route for data collection from subjects from almost any location globally, IVRCC has added integrated database Interactive Web Response (IWR) technologies to add to clinical trial data collection modes.

Complete Integration for eClinical Applications

  • Integrates with most EDC systems, and easily with all EDC preferred partners
  • IVRCC is experienced in API web services for instantaneous bi directional transfer to EDC
  • Template mapping and “sniffer” technology is also available

eClinical Integration, EDC Integration for Clinical Trials

Real-Time Data Means Real-Time Decisions

Users, sites and subjects, can enter data using either IVR or IWR in the same application, according to their needs or preferences. All data entered integrate directly with EDC systems for immediate real-time data and real-time reporting. These integration features promote a real-time understanding of up-to-the-minute study status for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device sponsors to use to make critical decisions and adjustments during trials.

Clients who choose IVR Clinical Concepts for their IVR/IWR solutions are rewarded with flexible data input in globally available applications that put key decision-making information at their fingertips.

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