ePRO for clinical trials - IVR Clinical Concepts (IVRCC)Improve the patient experience and optimize your clinical trial’s success with IVRCC’s advanced solutions for ePRO data collection

ePRO Highlights:

  • Easy to use applications for validated questionnaires, novel surveys, and patient diaries
  • BYOD eliminates the need for expensive and unfamiliar device hardware
  • Flexible user experience — options for web, voice, text messaging and native modalities, with which many electronic data collection devices can be used
  • Workflows are designed for protocol needs and for consistent, high-compliance user participation and minimization of invalid data entry
  • Global reach with certified language and local dialect translations
  • Security features and audit trails to protect patient and data confidentiality and authenticity, and seamless data exchange between e-clinical applications
  • Analytics, real-time reports, and study alerts provide full visibility to key trial information
ePRO for Clinical Trials and Clinical Studies - IVRCC

ePRO is more effective than paper questionnaires and diaries

Comparison studies have shown that patient compliance and data quality can be 5X greater when using electronic collection methods versus paper.

What makes IVRCC systems different from others’ ePRO solutions?

Higher efficiency of collection

ePRO for Clinical Trials

Pop-ups and messaging to provide immediately applicable guidance during use

Clinical Trial ePRO questionnaires and surveys

Presenting questionnaires & surveys to look like their original paper versions

ePRO for clinical trials, patient diaries

Testing and training modules are accessible and easy to complete

Flexible ePRO for Clinical Trials - IVRCC

Flexibility for added engagement enhancements as needed

ePRO Solutions for Clinical Trials - IVRCC

As a pioneer in telephone-based ePRO solutions, we provide full voice capabilities

IVRCC ePRO systems result in better data, fewer errors, shorter timelines and lower costs.

Key Benefits for Patients

  • Ease of use and engaging interface makes clinical trial participation a comfortable and satisfying experience
  • Flexible options for voice and web via a wide range of usable BYOD devices enable patients to participate easily from any remote locations, consistently and conveniently.
  • Communication with caregivers, guardians, clinical personnel and other third party study participants are available as needed for data review, interactive remote events
  • Built-In Help, password resets, FAQs and real-time guidance pop-ups and reminders provide users with confidence to use the system and answer questions accurately while meeting timing and scheduled windows requirements.
IVRCC clinical ePRO solutions

Key Benefits for Stakeholders

  • Greater diary compliance results in higher quality data and reduced timelines to reach statistical goals
  • Real-time reports enable quick decision-making and enable study staff to react immediately
  • Lower study costs and improved regulatory (e.g., FDA) submission timelines
  • Training for Sponsor, Site staff, subject users, and other clinical personnel means fewer errors adversely affecting timelines and data quality
  • For quick corrections as appropriate, IVRCC includes site user electronic update modules, 24/7/365 Help Desk, live person supported DCF process and automated and manual monitoring of systems applications.

Custom, modular, and configurable
virtual clinical trial solutions

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