Nancy Hudak - IVRCC

Nancy Hudak

Nancy Hudak brings her passion and dedication for meeting clinical challenges with technology solutions to the IVRCC team. In her current role, Nancy specializes in helping clients apply custom technology solutions for improved data collection with IVRCC’s voice, web and digital technologies for clinical trials.

What excites you most about being part of the IVRCC team?

It’s invigorating to interact with IVRCC’s experienced and innovative software developers; they are prepared for the many challenges we face with each new study. The entire team—programmers, project and platform managers, executives, and business development—come together and generate efficient, elegant solutions for very unique clinical trial situations. 

Our successful updates, additions, and modifications are then incorporated into our systems, enhancing our capabilities to fulfill our next clients’ needs. 

I find it satisfying to build relationships with people and share our experience, competence and compassion. We want to help sponsors, patients, and study personnel improve the quality of life for as many people as possible. 

Quote from Nancy HudakWhat recent or current projects do you find exciting and why?

The Real World Data (RWD) collection projects, especially in Oncology indications, are inspiring because these studies improve our understanding of how specific combinations of factors may interact to help save lives. With questions designed by expert scientists, combined with IVRCC’s accurate collection of specific data points, correlations can be revealed that hopefully improve quality of life for people. We enjoy collaborating with the experts to fine-tune our systems to collect high-quality data quickly.  

Over the last few years, we’ve been doing great work collecting retrospective data efficiently, securely and accurately from sources like EMR/EHR records, for example.  

What do you hear from clients about their experiences working with IVRCC?

Our clients, from site coordinators, CRO personnel, biostatisticians, to sponsor personnel, know that our Developers, Operations and QA teams offer guidance at each stage of their project and beyond. Our clients enjoy interacting with us—real people who care—despite the highly technical aspect of our services. 

We also listen to feedback from our clients so we can improve the capabilities of our systems.

How is what we learned about conducting clinical trials during the pandemic still relevant today?

Technology is improving by leaps and bounds every day. We need to do everything we can to use technology to ease the patient burden, lower costs, reduce participation barriers, improve diversity in patient populations, help minimize user operator error, and disseminate key study metrics in real-time for critical decision-making.  

It’s a whole new world of thoughtful, efficient health-care research. So many study activities can be accomplished outside the clinic with home visits, and subject self-testing with at-home devices.

When you’re not helping clients solve their research challenges, what other hobbies or passions fill your free time?

I love gardening—I like the pensiveness of just playing in the dirt! I also love cooking and spending time with my two cheerful and energetic Airedale Terriers, which keeps me busy and laughing all the time.