ePRO solutions for clinical trials - IVRCCSponsors are turning to virtual clinical trial solutions, decentralized clinical trial recruitment, and remote patient engagement solutions to operate trials successfully.

These approaches can increase trial accessibility—expanding the reach for recruitment—while making participation easier for patients. Making trial participation easier leads to higher compliance and higher quality data.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your clinical trial by optimizing the patient experience.
We did just that in a COVID-19 treatment trial we completed earlier this year. 

3 Solutions for Today’s Clinical Trial Challenges

Decreased time to launch

Time was of the essence as COVID-19 cases and serious or fatal infections were increasing every day. With vaccines more than 6 months away, we needed to collect and evaluate the symptom and outcomes data as quickly as possible, with the primary goal of uncovering treatment solutions that were affordable and readily available to potentially save patients’ lives after infection.

IVRCC worked with the Sponsor, CRO, and our biostatistician to design a hybrid study that enlisted more than 20 sites and 300 subjects to meet the immediate goals of the protocol.

A hybrid approach

Study management personnel were provided mobile tablets for flexible interactivity with subjects during clinic visits. We brought the trial to patients with a custom application made for their BYOD devices.

Our system reminded subjects when their ediary was available. Study personnel accessed real-time compliance reporting.

This approach fast-tracked subject recruitment, maintained safety, increased compliance and improved the quality of data collected.

Deploying tablets to sites & eDiary activation on subjects' BYOD devices

With COVID-19 on the rise, it was imperative to plan a study that was safe for personnel and subjects.

A customized design enhanced recruitment, allowed for safer subject registration, and minimized in-clinic visits.
Remote monitoring was implemented to further increase safety.

By leveraging our remote data collection capabilities and ePRO/eCOA solutions, we successfully completed the trial on time and delivered ediary data that averaged nearly 85% compliance for subjects who completed the study.