4 Ways IVRCC’s Technologies Optimize the User Experience for Study Subjects

1. Bring your trial to subjects by increasing digital accessibility

Open enrollment for more diverse and representative populations who meet requirements for study participation with IVRCC’s remote digital technology. 

Enable study subjects to place their own health concerns first. Our systems make it easier and more affordable for subjects to find and enroll into suitable clinical studies.

Enhance empathetic patient recruitment, engagement and retention modules with our systems that work on behalf of subjects.

  • Eliminate time-consuming, difficult and costly travel for in-person visits
  • Provide access to remote training and video “clinic” visits
  • Use digital messaging to subjects to remind them of scheduled appointments at local labs for blood draws, vitals evaluations, and imaging available closer to their homes per protocol
  • Utilize remote patient monitoring, providing data collection and confirmation of completion of off-site visits via wearables, sensors, mobile apps and integration of shared data collection from other systems 
  • Assist with managing third party healthcare visits to subjects’ homes as decentralized trial enhancements for easier trial participation

Electronic technology helps increase patient activation — the level of subjects’ ability, willingness and motivation to “do their part”. 

  • Information is interactively shared between clinical personnel and patients through Subject portals, eTraining, and Education modules that engage patients to participate in an empowering partnership of discovery.

Optimizing the User Experience in Clinical Trials - IVRCC

2. Easy Self-Registration Routines for Subject Users

  • Includes basic parameters: Language choice (manual, or automatic per country or region), BYOD – to use their own device with which they are familiar, CYOD, in-clinic tablet, step by step guidance, updateable, secure, phone number / email address test confirmations, following accepted steps and mechanisms featuring rigorous authentication and continued confidentiality.
  • Subject receives access to their subject eDiaries and eQuestionnaires when automated TRAINING MODE is documented as completed.

3. Subject engagement ePRO and eDiaries

Ease-of-use surveys are available for subjects to provide user satisfaction ratings.

Expected Activities are explained. Subjects are never left to guess at surveys, questionnaires or diaries they are meant to complete and when: 

  • Questionnaires & diaries automatically present themselves to subjects for data entry based on relevant unique characteristics: scheduling per protocol, subject status, subject cohort, treatments received, age, gender, race, ethnicity, preceding site coordinator/subject data entry.
  • Reminders and confirmations are generated by our systems for subjects, appearing for minute by minute to daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc. data collection. Reminders are provided per subject preference via email, SMS or both, in their native or chosen language.

Digital questionnaires and eDiaries are designed to reflect required elements of validated (historically paper) instruments while being developed for easiest digital usability. 

  • Features include comfortable formatting for all devices, automatic branching that offers follow-up questions based on previous answers, real-time guidance and online help messages, and confirmations to ensure data entry has been accepted. 

4. Improving the subject experience: we implement improvements based on data, preferences, and feedback

IVRCC solicits feedback from sponsors, CROs, site users, and all other study participants to better understand their preferences and further customize and improve the subject experience.

Remote & Virtual Clinical Trial Solutions by IVRCC

Example of ePRO in clinical trial

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