Tuesday, 14 June 2011

IVR Clinical Concepts (IVRCC), a leader and independent provider of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Web Response (IWR) systems, announced today that it has successfully partnered with OmniComm Systems, Inc. (OTC: OMCM.OB), one of the fastest growing companies in Electronic Data Capture (EDC), to win a clinical project in the treatment of constipation that integrate IVRCC’s method of capturing and transferring study and patient data with OmniComm’s TrialMaster EDC. 

IVRCC’s custom application for this project – IVR and IWR – allows the input and management of key real-time data. The study utilizes OmniComm’s bilateral, web services API, OmniConnect™ to seamlessly integrate IVRCC”s IVR/IWR to OmniComm’s TrialMaster system. The partnership of IVRCC and OmniComm: 

  • Adds an interactive real-time component to EDC that gives information to TrialMaster during patients’ study visits.
  • Streamlines the flow of information from patient registration, randomization and patient diaries (ePRO) to populate the EDC database daily.
  • Requires data entry only once to be shared between systems; data from IVR/IWR populates the OmniComm iCRF forms.
  • Shows the ease with which patients can enter their daily diary data through the IVR application into the EDC database.  
  • Reduces duplication of data entry and data entry errors. 

IVRCC staff is experienced in the clinical support of the IVR/IWR applications as standalone or in conjunction with OmniComm EDC.  The first joint project between IVRCC and OmniComm involved the transfer of ePRO data from IVR to EDC in patients with Angina.  The principals and senior management of both companies used this experience to develop this partnership in 2007 to upgrade and integrate systems. 

“We are thrilled to find such an experienced and trusted partner like IVRCC to help us achieve our strategy to offer integrated IVR/IWR/EDC solutions to our clients and we are delighted by the continued acceptance that IVRCC has had with our customer base,” said Stephen Johnson, President and COO of OmniComm.  The Head of Operations at IVRCC, , Mary Stefanzick, said “Working on new ways to conduct business always presents challenges. Our entire team persevered because our experiences together have been rewarding. IVRCC and OmniComm are a good team.  The ultimate outcome is that everyone wins, particularly the clients.”

About OmniComm
OmniComm Systems, Inc. (www.OmniComm.com) provides customer-driven Internet solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and medical device organizations that conduct life changing clinical trial research. OmniComm’s growing base of satisfied customers is a direct result of the company’s commitment to deliver products and services that ensure ease of use, faster study build, ease of integration and better performance. OmniComm’s pricing model is easily understood and allows companies ranging from small to large to maximize their clinical research investments. OmniComm Systems, Inc. has U.S. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL and European headquarters in Bonn, Germany, with satellite offices in New Jersey and the United Kingdom, as well as sales offices throughout the U.S. and Europe.

About IVR Clinical Concepts (IVRCC)

IVRCC (www.ivrcc.com) develops telephone scripts and electronic patient diaries (also known as e-PRO or electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) that are customized for the client’s protocol and translated into the languages of the callers in the countries in which the research is conducted. Since its inception,  IVRCC has been dedicated to developing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Web Response (IWR) systems that integrate seamlessly with other technologies (such as EDC) to provide data collection and comprehensive management of each clinical study. The IVRCC system facilitates the conduct of adaptive trials, to collect key data and to generate real-time reports with performance metrics for rapid decision-making.