Custom Design and Clinical Expertise - IVR Clinical ConceptsThe combined experience of the IVRCC staff is well over 100 years, with Interactive Voice/Web response experience in 200+ clinical trials

Patients can report in using a variety of methods including telephone, smartphones, tablets and computers.
Our solutions are compatible with leading platforms, including Windows, Apple, Android and iOS.

The staff and management at IVRCC have substantial experience in all types of clinical studies: from Phase I to Phase IV trials; from single-center studies to inter-continental trials involving thousands of patients.

  • Full compatibility with smartphones & tablets: Windows, Apple, Android and iOS.
  • Experts in optimizing devices for best results
  • Clinical use and management
  • Support of field staff

IVRCC Creates Custom Systems that Work for Your Study.

The Benefits of Our Cost-Effective Solutions

  • IVRCC clients avoid additional hardware or software capital expenses
  • IVRCC invites  users to “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” and benefit from an infrastructure that offers ease of use and accessibility via telephone and the wide array of devices, including mobile tablets and smartphones.
  • IVRCC provides fast and economical deployment of our pre-validated high-capacity system
  • IVRCC’s interactive voice response system provides 24/7/365 support to sponsors, study coordinators and patients
  • IVRCC’s system is able to retrieve detailed information from all over the world via a simple telephone connection and /or web interface.
  • IVRCC’s system is compliant with international clinical standards (21 CFR Part 11) with accessibility to complete audit trails.

Custom Design and Clinical Expertise - IVR Clinical Concepts

Clinical Trial Case Study, ePRO, IVR, IWR, IRT Case Studies

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