Streamlined data collection saves time, money, and expedites time to market

Clinical Trial Data Collection and Compliance - IVR Clinical Concepts

IVR Clinical Concepts’ Interactive Voice and Interactive Web systems promotes easier management for increased subject compliance. Automated triggered alerts and notifications minimize the burden on site personnel to personally keep subjects fully engaged in completing diaries and questionnaires. Users, sites and subjects can enter data using either IVR or IWR for virtually immediate real-time data, real-time reports and real-time results. In many cases web or voice can be a subject’s‘ choice depending on their day to day circumstances. IWR applications are designed to work on Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android devices according to the needs of the study and participant.

Integrity of the data is improved

Timely reminders, easy access, and choice of modes by voice or web encourages subjects to participate on a regular or scheduled basis, promoting current fresh data. No remote or in-the-field monitoring is required. The system’s programming does not allow out of range or missing data, the system alerts users that action is required in order to complete a survey or questionnaire.

Our IVRS & IWRS Systems are Available to Collect Data, Worldwide, Virtually Every Minute of Every Day.

Flexible data input in globally available applications puts key decision-making information at your fingertips

  • Our systems are customizable to be fully compatible with virtually any database available.
  • Data populates one common database, whether collected via voice telephone or web, mobile tablet or smartphone. Data is 100% integrated, preventing duplicate entries, overwriting, illegibility or superfluous data entry.
  • Data will be nearly instantly available for key decision-making. For example, when patient/enrollment metrics are attained, study management personnel reviewing the real-time data can make adjustments and cease further enrollment, thus saving time, money and resources from being further expended on the trial.Streamlined data collection saves time and money and expedites time to market.
  • Access to collected data in real time improves study management and creates truly adaptive studies
  • Access to collected data in real time allows for key decision-making and instant analysis of the collected data

Clinical Trial Data Collection and Compliance - IVR Clinical Concepts

Improved patient reporting compliance lowers costs

  • Patient compliance is improved through (phone or electronic) reminders and other retention tools. Reminders may include email, voice, and SMS text messaging.
  • Patient can record data anytime via telephone or Web, mobile tablet or smartphone.
  • Compliance rates from subjects using electronic PRO are as high as 97% compared to as low as 15% for paper collected diaries and questionnaires. Higher compliance rates means fewer replacement subjects, and fewer subjects means decreased time to study completion and lower cost for the study overall.
  • Good data resulting from using IVRCC’s easy accessible web and voice methods of collection can significantly reduce time and money required to get product to market.

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