Real-Time Reporting for Clinical Trials - IVR Clinical ConceptsSites Receive Data in Real-Time from IVRCC via Secure Web Access

IVRCC provides real-time data tracking and management of patient registration, automated randomization, diary compliance which results in increased clinical trial management. The IVRCC system maximizes drug and device supply and inventory control. It continuously monitors patient reporting compliance to protocol requirements.

IVRCC provides custom reports to clients as data arrives in real-time

IVRCC’s systems will calculate scores and statistics on real-time data and display results using built-in formulas and calculators to generate comprehensive easy to understand on-the-web reporting, scheduled email reports and real-time notifications and alerts including via SMS text.

Drive Better Decisions, Faster

  • Real time reporting improves your ability to react. Real-time analytics offer speed, flexibility, and the potential to gain a competitive advantage by responding to an event soon after it occurs.
  • Real-time data tracking and management of patient registration, automated randomization, diary compliance and improves overall clinical trial management.
  • Patient alerts via interactive voice response, text message, email and fax are the most cost efficient and effective ways to reach the patient. By using the interactive voice and web response systems, patients are alerted for medication dosing and appointment reminders. This allows for easy management of patient reporting compliance to protocol requirements.
  • Real-time notifications to site personnel of critical study events may include registrations and randomizations, exceeding critical high or low inventory limits for Clinical Trial Materials (CTM), and not meeting “acceptable” ranges for scores on questionnaires or surveys.
  • IVRCC reporting displayed on the web and downloading via export functions allows for the review of accruing data throughout the course of a clinical trial.
  • Real-time reporting on automated inventory control events, supply train tracking and just-in-time re-supply lets the CTM Manager make the adjustments needed to maintain the most efficient and least costly drug or device supply.

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