(Boca Raton Florida – October 31, 2007) IVR Clinical Concepts, a specialty company with over 9 years of experience in developing custom interactive voice response solutions for clinical research, and OmniComm Systems, Inc. a leader in integrated solutions for the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) marketplace, have jointly announced a co-marketing agreement for their products to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

After carefully examining the spectrum of products in the EDC marketplace, IVR Clinical Concepts determined that the TrialMaster® – EDC solution for clinical data collection was able to seamlessly integrate with IVR Clinical Concepts’ customized interactive telephone data collection technologies that provide electronic patient reported outcomes (e-PRO), patient registration and randomization efficiently in the clinical marketplace.

A recently concluded example of the two company’s technologies working together was for a Phase II-b dermatology study in which patient data was recorded from sites in countries on 4 continents (Ecuador, South Africa, Sweden and New Zealand) and coordinated into a central database. All timelines for enrollment, randomization and study completion through data lock were easily met. Based on experiences such as these, IVR Clinical Concepts and OmniComm have decided to formalize their marketing relationship.

“OmniComm is delighted to be partnering with IVRCC,” said Stephen Johnson, EVP Business Development, “Our customers have been very pleased with not only the solutions they provide, but more importantly with the quality of service that they deliver. Their team of professionals has been a joy to work with and their IVRS solution fits nicely with our First in Functionality™ TrialMaster® EDC solution. We look forward to sharing the benefits of our integrated solution with our customers going forward.”

It is expected that both company’s sales and marketing personnel will immediately present each others products to clients as part of a comprehensive clinical solution.

Contact: Brooke C. Shannon

About IVR Clinical Concepts

IVR Clinical Concepts (www.ivrcc.com) is a specialty company devoted to developing and implementing cost-effective Interactive Voice Response applications. Since its inception, IVR Clinical Concepts has been dedicated to providing real-time data and real-time reports for real-time results in clinical research for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device companies. IVR Clinical Concepts was formed in response to the desire in the marketplace for a independent company that can develop and implement effective and efficient solutions that are customized to each client and every study. Clients who choose IVR Clinical Concepts for their Interactive Voice Response solutions are rewarded with globally available applications that put key decision-making information at their fingertips.

About OmniComm

OmniComm Systems, Inc. (www.OmniComm.com) provides customer-driven Internet solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and medical device organizations that conduct life changing clinical trial research. OmniComm’s growing base of satisfied customers is a direct result of the company’s commitment to deliver products and services that ensure ease of use, faster study build, ease of integration and better performance. OmniComm’s client intuitive pricing model allows companies that range from small to midsize to large scale institutions to safely and efficiently capitalize on their clinical research investments.

OmniComm ranked in the top 150 as one of the fastest revenue growth technology companies in North America during the last 5 years. In a market overview titled “The Promise of Next-Gen eClinical Trial Software” by Forrester Research, OmniComm was given the highest rating among its competitors for industry middleware. OmniComm Systems, Inc. has corporate headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with offices in Bonn, Germany, California, Maryland, New York, North Carolina and Texas.